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The Forgotten - IPA

The Forgotten - IPA


Process developed in the 18th century for export by long boat trips, in particular to supply British colonial troops in India. They contain more hops than other ales. Hops being a very good natural preservative. It is this large quantity of hops that gives our beer its very characteristic bitter and fragrant taste, developed with 3 different varieties to form the perfect bouquet of flavor.


Type of beer: India Pale Ale

Color: Amber




The Brasserie du Tonneau Joyeux or the brotherhood of the merry men?

Maybe not brothers of blood but brothers of heart that's for sure! At least as much as happy

lurons ...

4 Neuchâbernois friends founded the Landeronaise brewery in 2018 with a clear goal:

never run out of good beer! Shortly after, it was the friends that had to be saved from the

thirsty, and from one thing to another it is now to you that they propose, always with the same

mischief, their happy beers brewed with elbow grease (so to speak, not in beer

elbow grease!)


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