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Special Edition - Winter Triple IPA

Special Edition - Winter Triple IPA


Special editions are only available for a short time. These include the dark Black Pearl or the spicy, cold-hopped Mountain Lager.

The special edition of the moment is an IPA with a combination of three different hops (Azacca, Cascade, Galaxy). This unique combination brings out flavors of mango, pine, grapefruit, peach. Goes perfectly with game, red meat and lentil stews.

Type of beer: IPA

Color: Amber

Vol: 4.8%


Davos Craft Beer Brewery is one of the youngest and wildest little breweries in Switzerland. Since 2018 the team with the four people from Davos Jan, Lukas, Markus, Stephan and their master brewer Hannes have been brewing high quality craft beers in Davos.

The most important ingredient for beer specialties is the crystal-clear mountain water of Davos. This is then refined with malt, yeast and exceptional aromatic hops. The standard range includes a tangy blonde, a hoppy lager and a fruity tangy IPA. In addition, four special editions such as the Dark Black Pearl or the Spicy Mountain Lager are produced each year.

The Davoser Wildmannli inspired the logo of the Davos Craft Beer Brewery - a legendary wild mountain figure in Graubünden - which, according to legend, brewed Graubünden's first beer from mountain grain.

Davos Craft Beer - really wild!


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