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Don Mate - IPA

Don Mate - IPA


Don Mate is an India Pale Ale flavored with mate, an aromatic herbaceous plant of South American origin. This beer gets its aromas from its lemony hops and herbaceous and bitter maté.

Type of beer: India Pale Ale

Color: Amber

Vol: 6.3%



Inspired by the American Craft beer movement, the brewers invite you to experience a special moment while tasting their beers. Each inspired them with a graphic design, a playlist and a quote corresponding to it.


The BLZ-Company brewery has, since its inception, sought to create original beers. This is what led him to associate unexpected aromas in beer such as mate or gentian for example. The Artisa'malt 2017 festival welcomed this research by awarding the Mosaic IPA its first prize.


The origin and environmental impact of raw materials are central to its brewers. Using local resources may seem obvious but its production, especially malt, is still scarce. Involved in the creation of the “Malticulture” cooperative in Delémont, the brewery can now offer a truly local product.


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