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Amber / 26 Switzerland
Monthey / Valais

Amber ambree  brasserie mountain view.png




Underneath its reddish, creamy appearance, this beer has spice.

Between caramel and pepper, it will awaken your taste buds while savoring local dishes.  


Alc: 5.9 % Vo l


A true art of living "à la Suisse"

Friendliness, sharing, quality and discovery.

The number 26 represents the twenty-six cantons of our country.

The Swiss spirit is the soul of our brand.

Imagine three brothers and their family on Christmas Eve, having a good aperitif time around a good beer.
An idea germinates during a fun part of questions about Switzerland with a view to the naturalization of their three wives.

While these three chauvinistic brothers claim to know Switzerland well, everyone laughs at the effect of all their wrong answers.

This jovial and friendly atmosphere gave birth to the idea of creating a sharing community.
Everyone is invited to share their Swiss moments with them. Sports or tourist experiences, meetings with craftsmen from the Swiss region, through unusual moments filled with humor, everything is possible.

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