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Satigny/ Geneva



Dark in color, toasted aromas with notes of chocolate, coffee and slightly smoky this Porter is pure sweetness.

No concentrate, syrup or extract. They use only quality, natural ingredients that give it an exceptional taste:

Water, Barley malts, hops, yeast

A little hunger: It will perfectly accompany the iodine side of shellfish, salmon, hunting as well as a fondant or other chocolate dessert!

Alc: 5% Flight

The brewery:

Their goal is simple: Democratize and make accessible craft beers by offering the best beers to accompany you on all occasions.

The best beer is the one you share with your friends when he’s thirsty! For their flagship beers, they decided not to force on hops (many colleagues do it very well) but rather to find a subtle balance between bitterness, flavor and lightness to create beers with a more personal character and especially that quench!

Used. e industrial blond beers, your taste buds will take a big slap! If you swear by the IPA, get ready to rediscover the flavours of the malts that the hops overdoses have hidden from you!

The founders:

David: Amateur of jeudredis and engineer in chemistry, he worked for years for companies that make the reputation of our country, in particular in high clock industry and writing instruments, where he refined his skills in manufacturing process and development. Our brewery now benefits from its know-how and allows us to guarantee you a delicious beer thanks to a process of Swiss precision.

Mathieu: Long-time amateur brewer and working in a fund specializing in sustainable finance, supporting cooperatives or SMEs producing fair-trade coffee in Peru, organic cashews in Africa or nuts from Brazil in Bolivia, it takes care of the administrative part and supports the brewing process when time permits.

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