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La Vouivre / Jurassien Pale Ale
Porrentruy / Jura




Golden Breeze is made according to the old traditional Pilsner recipe. It is an unfiltered golden drink of the gods.


This beer, fermented with a special cold-working yeast, delights with its freshness from malts and its hoppy aromatic notes.


The Golden Breeze is perfect as an aperitif before a good meal. Its refreshing properties also make it perfect for quenching thirst. Enjoy it with a Mediterranean antipasto, green olives, sundried tomatoes and multigrain crackers.


Let the Golden Breeze surprise you with a goat cheese or with Buffalo mozzarella (mozzarella di bufala) in its classic Caprese salad mix with tomato, basil and olive oil extra virgin.

Type of beer: Blond

Color: Blonde



Fate is what brought Raffaele to Switzerland where he started working for a biotechnology company. One Saturday afternoon, a good friend of his came to his evening with his homemade brewing kit, telling him that his wife had forbidden him to use it in their kitchen.


Curious and excited, Raffaele offered her his cooking and that's how it started ... 

During those long afternoons of brewing and talking about beer and life, they tasted Pata Negra ham and an assortment of cheeses from Italy, Spain and Switzerland. And that's how they discovered that their beer goes perfectly with fine meats and cheeses.

Passion, patience, knowledge, friendship and love for good food were at the base of the creation of the Fermento brewery, the perfect marriage for the aperitif!

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