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Wheat Ale - White

Wheat Ale - White


Wheat = wheat, and yet it is not a wheat beer. Our Wheat Ale is brewed with barley malt and wheat malt, while a classic wheat is made with 100% wheat malt. So why mix wheat with barley? Because it becomes softer and more palatable, in keeping with the Belgian style. As we are still pressing cold, our Wheat Ale gets the refreshing fruity note.

Type of beer: White

White color

Vol: 4.6%


All their beers are brewed with the utmost care in our little Basel brewery. They place a strong emphasis on sustainability, whether in purchasing their raw materials, in storage or in packaging, but they want to go much further in the future. They are a microbrewery that wants to take new paths. In constant motion, they inspire with passion and refresh with responsibility.

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