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Sweet Gobeline - Pale Ale Lambic

Sweet Gobeline - Pale Ale Lambic


The sweet goblin is the marriage of a lambic and an ale prepared from caramelized malts. It is expressed by aromas reminiscent of elderflower and fir buds, due in particular to the hopping believed to be carried out during fermentation. The sweet goblin will appeal to lovers of sweet cider and innovative flavors that are not widely used.

A walk on the edge of the woods.

Recipe co-created with the brasserie du haut-lac, vevey.

Water, barley malt, sugar, hops, yeasts

Type of beer: Pale Ale Lambic

Color: Amber

Theft: 5%


"All the local potential expressed in your glass ''

Romain Chollet, is a wine merchant and agronomist who had the chance to carry out various trainings and internships in brewery, in particular in a Belgian Trappist abbey (Orval). Recently, he has found a magnificent place to brew a dozen beers (Aran, Bourg-en Lavaux, VD) that he offers you to discover. The brewery takes its name from Hordeum vulgare which means barley in Latin. Indeed, he pays special attention to the origin of raw materials. The brewery therefore uses a reconversion Bio Suisse malt barley malt (Explorer variety) grown on Vaud soil (Alexandre Pidoux, Forel-sur-Lucens). Hops are not to be outdone since they most often come from the market gardening hops in Grandcour (Bio Suisse also). But to sublimate our heritage, he manages to ferment it with good yeasts. And what could be better than the ancestral yeasts of the Belgian monks of Orval or Westvleteren, eh !?


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