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Red Ale - Redhead

Red Ale - Redhead


Red beer with a fruity and tasty taste

Red Ale B2F is prepared with special malts which, when dried at a higher temperature than the light grains, are the source of its red color and its malty and persistent flavor. The structure is light and elegant; its hops give it freshness. Tasted at the end of the day, while listening to a Dire Straits record, it relaxes and strengthens the mind.

Type of beer: Rousse

Color: amber

Vol: 5.6%


A birrificio in the canton of Vaud is the story of Sergio and Mattia. The two friends from the same city in Ticino meet in Lausanne for their studies and set up their brewery in Penthalaz in 2017.

Years marked by the brews in Sergio's kitchen, inspired by research, reading and discussion, precede the opening of the brewery. The two friends are animated by the desire to meet beer, this drink they have loved for a long time. Over time, Sergio and Mattia acquire detailed knowledge about ingredients and production.

The name of the brewery, often referred to as B2F, is a play on words. In Italian the term “fusti” means both a beer keg and a beefy guy.

Although strong, the beers from Sergio and Mattia play more on the finesse card and pay attention to respecting the typicities of the different styles. A beer, a style, let the discovery begin :-)


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