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La Dérive - Pale Ale

La Dérive - Pale Ale


La Dérive is an amber beer with a fine and original character. Let yourself be surprised by its malty body and balanced bitterness.

Type of beer: Pale Ale

Color: Amber

Vol: 5.2%


La Brasserie du Mât was founded in Geneva in 2017 by two friends. Matthieu and Constantin have only one goal: to make quality beers, local and they like. Resulting from the association between a horticulturalist and a physics laborer, the Brasserie du Mât offers original and tasty beers throughout the year.

Handcrafted, their beers are produced with the greatest care. The finely selected raw materials as well as the cutting-edge production facilities allow them to produce quality beers to offer you an uncompromising taste experience.


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