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The Black - Stout

The Black - Stout


A good stout beer with a creamy foam and a dark color, while being light and refreshing. Its character: flavors of roasted hazelnuts, spices and blackberry.

Type of beer: Stout

Black color

Vol: 5.5%


Beer Brothers is above all a family affair. Three couples, six whole personalities, coming together with the desire to create something big. Based on the Vaudois Coast in Etoy, Beer Brothers creates local beers with flavors inspired from the four corners of the globe.

But more concretely?

For one, it is a motivation to become independent. For the other, it is a desire to return to a more simple, noble and rewarding profession. A thousand and one reasons that come together in a single wish: to live a family adventure and transmit our values through quality products that bring people together and invite sharing.

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