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It's Magic And It's For Good - Ale Strawberry tart

It's Magic And It's For Good - Ale Strawberry tart

An Ale with added strawberry and lemon juice. The strawberry flavor is firm and the lemon juice adds a slight acidity. Don't expect a sugary beer as this is refreshing with a dry end.

ABV: 4.8%

IBU: 5

SRM: -

Type of beer: Ale

Red color


Located in the district of Davesco - Soragno (city of Lugano), since 2016, Broken City Brewing Co. has a mission to break the culture of mega-breweries, shocking your tastes and taking you into the new world of craft beers.

The brewery focuses on producing modern beers following the brewing trend, inspired by new styles and techniques mainly sourced from northern Europe and the United States.

Hops are the ingredient they love the most and they often abuse it in its use, adding exaggerated amounts to their inventions. They also like to experiment, using different combinations of ingredients, such as fruit, coffee, and more.

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