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IPAnema 50cl can - IPA

IPAnema 50cl can - IPA


IPAnema is a 6% India Pale Ale that reveals a powerful bitterness in a copper hue. If its hops have bewitching aromas, it is its malty body that makes it possible to obtain a balanced beer with a pleasant roundness. Its fruity scent comes from North American hops and its bitterness is ideal for combining with spicy dishes.

Type of beer: India Pale Ale

Color: Blonde / Amber


Like an inexhaustible source, Doctor Gab's beer springs from a strong friendship. In January 2001, the first beginnings of fermentation aroused the curiosity and motivation of the three friends. The adventure has continued ever since, gaining in quality and professionalism from year to year.

Established in Puidoux (VD) since 2018, the brewery now employs around twenty employees driven by a common passion: to offer you beers of character with body and soul.

They select their raw materials with great care. The malts and hops are of the highest quality, and the bottles, made from recycled and reusable glass, are the only bottles of Swiss beer to be produced in Switzerland, in St-Prex (VD).

Thanks to a rigorous follow-up of the production processes and to an irreproachable hygiene, they can offer products of a constant and high quality, which have already attracted many amateurs in our regions. The brewery will blow out its 20th candle in 2021… We can say that it has bottles!

All Doctor Gab's beers are:

  • rich in raw materials
  • from top fermentation
  • undiluted and without preservatives

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