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Defrosted Ale Gotthard Edition - Pale Ale

Defrosted Ale Gotthard Edition - Pale Ale


This beer was made in honor of the rock band Defrosted album Gotthard by Hoppy People. We are faced with a lager, clear and golden beer. On the nose, aromas of currants, white grapes and citrus fruits emerge, perhaps tangerine. On the palate, creamy with a sweet bitterness. The beer is refreshing and sparkling

Type of beer: Pale Ale

Color: Blonde

Vol: 4.2%


Hoppy people was founded in 2016 by two hop enthusiasts, Olivier Brighenti and David Bonjour. Hoppy People follows in the footsteps of the brewing revolution initiated in the US and in Northern Europe.

After 5 years of trials in a cellar and a garage, a 10HL brewing line as well as 6 24HL fermenters were installed in the industrial zone of Sierre in Valais. Particularity of the place? The roof of the brewery is completely covered with solar panels, allowing the entire brewing process to be conducted with clean energy. This takes full meaning, Sierre being the sunniest city in Switzerland. 5 additional 45HL fermenters were added in 2018.

Their annual range includes 5 beers based on hops (Pale Ale and IPA). Other recipes are brewed almost monthly to explore the multitude of possible recipes. A barrel aging program is also underway.

At the start of 2020, the brewery moved to Ropraz, still in Jorat. It moved into a new building, in the artisanal zone of Les Ussières. It supplements its production tool with a brewing room with a capacity of 2,000 liters and 4,000-liter fermenters.

From now on, a sales area with tasting bar and meeting rooms can receive you under one roof, in a friendly atmosphere.


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