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L'Ipache / IPA
Buttes / Neuchâtel



La Pointe is a white beer (a third of wheat malt) brewed with organic citrus zest.
Very thirst-quenching and fruity, it is the perfect beer to drink on a terrace (good with this weather it will be more in its
  sofa  with the  fully heated ).

Alc:  6.5% Vol


The Brasserie l'Apaisée is Xavier Righetti's crazy project. Barely returned from a trip to Quebec in 2014 during which he caught the virus while jubilantly discovering the omnipresent “craft” scene, he began to brew in his kitchen. Indeed, the revelation of hopped IPA beers transformed his perception of beer, and no turning back was possible. Finding little supply in Geneva, the only option seemed to be to brew a beer the way he liked it: dry and hoppy. Among its many medicinal properties, hops - a cousin of cannabis - is used for sleep disorders. Making beer is also a way to return to a more manual and less stressful activity, far from computer screens. The name l'Apaisée was a perfect match.

In the process, Xavier discovered the forum and participated in several Brassams: incredible meetings between French-speaking amateur brewers. An exceptional opportunity to share, learn, have fun, all in a friendly atmosphere. Renaud Ott, a former roommate and Xavier's thesis colleague, had started brewing some time before and was of great help. After less than thirty brews of around twenty liters, Xavier goes up a gear and falls for an ingenious system developed by a Bernese, Daniel Michel. They brew together on a prototype of the machine in Bern, become friends and Xavier becomes his first customer.

While waiting to receive the custom-made machine, we have to find a room in Geneva, the kitchen no longer sufficient to accommodate a machine weighing nearly a ton with full tanks. It was during a brewing holiday in Belgium and Holland that Xavier received great news: his friend Alexandre Joly agreed to try the experience and lent him part of his workshop at the Vélodrome. With the help of Michael Berg, Alexandre Gérenton, Nico Saramon and his brother Laurent, Xavier will fit out the 16m2 (!!) of his future brewery. Arrival and evacuation of water, three-phase electricity, everything is ready to accommodate the machine which ends up arriving on December 2, 2015. This machine, the BrewTower 300, will be able to brew 300L liters of beer at a time, ie 15 times more than 'previously. 5 days later, on December 7, Xavier brews his first beer with the new system, an IPA, with the help of Daniel and his father who came from Bern for the occasion.

In April 2016, the Vélodrome garage became available. After four months of work, the new common area of the Vélodrome is ready to accommodate the brewing tanks and fermenters. Using only organic ingredients whenever possible, the goal being to produce original beers, brewed with the greatest care.

Two years later, in August 2018, the brewery moved to 19 route des Jeunes, in the rapidly changing Praille district. By sharing the new 700m2 space with Michael Urbina from Geminoh, the spent grains (malt used) are partly transformed into substrate for the cultivation of oyster mushrooms, the rest of the spent grains are collected by Cedric who uses it to feed his flock of sheep.

This new available surface allows the installation of a new 1000 liter brewing machine, as well as 5 1000 liter fermenters. Always a machine designed by Daniel Michel. We currently have 5 barrels of 2,500 liters as well as a few hundred barrels for aging beer.


On December 6, 2019, after more than a year of work with his partners Thomas Piguet and Léon Courvoisier, Xavier opens the Jonquille bar which will immediately become a must-see for its beers, its atmosphere, its food and its concerts.

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