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La Fricasse / Lager
Renens / Vaud


The beer: ​


Character: “Idéale quand il fait c'te tiède qui te colle les tsausses aux miches !”says Matthieu => this is typical language form canton de Vaud 


The newest addition to the Brasserie du Renard Thirsty 😊  This Lager style beer is refreshing and low in alcohol. To give it a little extra, he added aromatic hops at the end of cooking which gives it a taste of tropical citrus.


INGREDIENTS:  Water, barley malt, corn flakes, hops, yeast.  


GREAT WITH:  Friends and tapas.  


Alc: 4.8% Flight


The brewery:  


Matthieu, the Chief Fox, tells us about his vision and his brewery:  



Proud of my Vaud roots, located in Renens (VD), I claim our local patois which gives my beers their appellations.  



Food and beer lover, I like to test and design beer recipes as I do for cooking. My goal is to create non-standardized beers that are out of the ordinary. Each cuvée has its own characteristics according to my inspirations of the moment, the season and the origin of my ingredients.  My inspirations are gourmet, sometimes Asian, and always totally epicurean. So that the beer tasting makes you travel every time without moving from your chair, I offer you a range of authentically original flavors.  



I started in 2017 to brew my first beer with a kit received as a gift at Christmas. One thing led to another, I went from making malt extract to all grains on a 25l plant to finish on a 100l pico-brewery.

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