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Nubilum / NEIPA  Münchenstein / Bâle Campagn

Nubilum- blaue ente.jpg



NEIPA stands for New England India Pale Ale, and refers to a style of beer originating in New England, a region of the Northeast United States. NEIPA are generally beers with a cloudy golden color, which gives pride of place to fruity and hoppy aromas, while keeping a moderate bitterness. Nubilium is a fruity mouth bomb with a very slight bitterness. Our Hoppies love it! 

Alc:5.6% Vol T


he brewery:  


The microbrewery Blaue Ente (Blue Duck) keeps its promises: It is really micro! ;-)  They started brewing in December 2017 as a microbrewery registered at home in Muttenz in their own laundry room and with a limited run of 25 litres per week.  


Since the summer of 2021, they flew with the duck and settled in Münchenstein on Heiligholzstrasse 6. They continue to work with small brewing facilities (but now there are two), which allows them to produce about 90 litres of beer per day. Each bottle is the result of craftsmanship and the will to do great things, even with simple means

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