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During his engineering studies in oenology, Jérôme Rebetez concocts his first beers in the parental kitchen. Enthused by his creations, he decides to present them to the "Swiss homebrewing Trophy" competition. The judges are won over and award him the first prize.

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At 23 years old, adorned with an oenologist diploma, Jérôme Rebetez aspires to the creation of a brewery in the very heart of the country which is dear to him, the Franches-Montagnes, in the Swiss Jura. Penniless but overflowing with passion, he got down to the creation of atypical beers and won the prize in a television competition "The dream of your 20 years". The sum awarded to the winner allows him to found in June 1997, the Brasserie des Franches-Montagnes. He is therefore positioned as one of the pioneers of the Swiss craft brewery and, like his temperament, makes beers with a strong character, revealing a lot of body, complexity and finesse.

Jérôme Rebetez strives to produce the best: the raw materials are chosen with care and he favors the quality of the ingredients, always original and difficult to integrate, such as Sarawak peppers, sage and other spices. The know-how of the young brewer quickly positioned him as the craftsman of rich beers with complex bouquets, enjoying remarkable body and length in the mouth. His constant quest for the subtlety of aromas and his experiences in oenology push Jérôme Rebetez to concoct products comparable to the best wines.

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The Jura brewer generates singularly original cuvées, always in limited quantities, hand-sewn, as he says. L'Abbaye de Saint Bon-Chien, a BFM beer aged 12 months in oak barrels has just been recognized by the prestigious New York Times as "one of the best beers in the world."

Over the years the world of gastronomy has been enriched by the products of the Brasserie des Franches-Montagnes. More than one restaurant owner now has a BFM beer in his basic products to prepare meats, pâtés or desserts.

In the future, there is no doubt that the taster will give his finest verbs to the Brasserie des Franches-Montagnes cuvées.

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Their beers:

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La Blonde des Franches - light blonde, 4.2%

Copper - amber, 4.5%

La Brouette - amber with green tea, 5%

The Salamander - white, 5.5%

La Mandragore - stout 8%

La Meule - blonde, 6%

La Torpille - brown, 7.5%

BATS - smoky amber, 6%

The Cuvée Alex Le Rouge - Imperial stout, 10.276%

La Highway To Helles Velvet Underground edition - Jurassian Pale Ale, 6.5%

La Highway To Helles Denim edition - Jurassian Pale Ale, 6.5%

La Djéronimo - White IPA, 5.3%

The Season - sour ale, 6%

The Season Quince Quince - Sour ale, 6%

L'Abbaye de Saint Bon-Chien - barricade beer, 11%

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