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New Hop / FMR Brewing 
Rolle / Vaud




A pure Ale brought back in its most accomplished and light expression placed in the background where the assembly of our hops clash in this space opera without concessions. Its red-tinged robe alone reflects the remains of the epic battles that took place during its manufacture … in a galaxy far away.


The ancestral recipe that has come down to us is that the most famous warriors draw the Force from the sips of this galactic beer.    


Alc: 4.5% Vol


La brasserie:  


FMR, acronym of Federation of Malted Republics.    


Here, we brew heavy with humor, lightness and sprinkled with Geek culture, references and winks are many. The beers are also well typed, with a strong influence from everywhere!  Their motto is «without concessions & without compromise».  


This space for beer exploration currently has about 10 beers, but what beers! … 19 malts, 38 hops, 14 yeasts, 4 fermentation methods and refining know-how are implemented through our ranges.  Located on the shores of Lake Geneva, in Rolle, we operate mainly on the Lake Geneva arc between Geneva and Lausanne.  


Drinkers of all countries unite and drink for your rights! 

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