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Brewmaster Limited Edition 32 - Rare Hop IPA
Doppelleu / Winterthur / Zurich

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We start our Super Santa calendar with a small gift and a limited edition from Winterthur. 

Doppelleu Brewmaster Limited Ed.32 – An exclusive hop in the spotlight



 Brewmaster Limited Ed.32 surprises with a very special hop – HBC 586. Its designation is reminiscent of newly discovered stars; he is as unique as they are. Their master brewer Patrick Thomi first came across this experimental hop variety on a trip to Yakima Valley, Washington, USA. This is the epicenter of American hop cultivation. Many growers are developing original hop crosses there to create new aromatic bouquets for beer lovers around the world. “In my search for hops suitable for creating innovative beers, I tried several new varieties,” recalls Patrick. “The HBC 586 convinced me immediately. It&s extremely fruity – it&s pure summer!

But, there was a downside: HBC 586 is grown in very low quantities and not widely available. Patrick had to negotiate for three years with the suppliers before they finally sent him enough delivery to be able to create a Brewmaster Edition. For our brewer, it was obvious that this rare hop deserved to be in the spotlight and this, in a unique IPA.

A supplement of mango;

“The Rare Hop IPA is shot through with the intense aroma of HBC 586,” enthuses Patrick. The taste of tropical fruits is extremely pronounced, mango dominates in the nose, with additional notes of pineapple. The fruity taste of the hops gives the India Pale Ale a pleasant sweetness. A refreshing bitterness also develops on the palate, as in any true India Pale Ale. The discreet malty body allows a slender finish at 6.5% vol.


Alc: 6.5% Flight


A passion for aromas and tastes

The passion translates in particular into attractive, varied and innovative beer styles, tasty and characterful creations, variety in the assortment and brewers who are eager to experiment.

Doppelleu beers have won a lot of awards in recent years

From modern beers to noble hops – founded in 2012, the company Doppelleu Brauwerkstatt with headquarters in Winterthur is oriented towards Belgian and Anglo-Saxon beer styles, thereby betting on a growing global trend. With these two product lines Chopfab and Doppelleu, the brewery currently produces an assortment of 17 top-fermented beers. Hops, malt and water are of course the proven basic ingredients. However, not just any hops are used in the composition of the beer: we use an exclusive hop that flatters the nose and the taste buds and gives a nice finish for an intense taste pleasure.

In October 2014, the brewery won two Red Dot Design Awards for overall brand image and for Chopfab and Doppelleu bottle design.

In June 2014, it was awarded the “SEF.High-Potential” seal of approval as part of the SEF4KMU growth initiative. In addition, in 2016 it received the highest award for young Swiss companies: the “SEF Economic Award” in the production and industry category. In 2019, Doppelleu Boxer won the title "International Craft Brewer of the Year" at Meininger's International Craft Beer Award.

Since the merger with the first brewery in Romandie Bière du Boxer SA, Doppelleu Brauwerkstatt AG has become the only independent brewery in Switzerland with a national foothold with 6 bottom-fermented beers and 17 top-fermented beers

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