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La Berclette / APA
Renens / Vaud


The beer:


“The technique of the Yanks with the hops of my garden” says Matthieu



He brews this beer style APA (American Pale Ale) with the variety of American hops "Cascade". When making this beer, he uses only one kind of hops. They are called single hop beers. As he is lucky enough to be able to grow a hop plant in his garden (to follow on his blog), he adds his «house» hops in "dry hopping" directly in the fermentation tank a few days before bottling the beer. This gives it a pronounced hoppy taste without having too much bitterness in the mouth. As it is a hop plant that grows in my garden in “total freedom”, the taste changes according to the years and time as for the vine. This is why he has vintage this beer to differentiate the cuvées.


INGREDIENTS: Water, barley malts, Cascade hops, especially with the one grown in my garden and harvested by hand, yeast and brown sugar.




Alc: 6.3% vol

The brewery:  


Matthieu, the Chief Fox, tells us about his vision and his brewery:  



Proud of my Vaud roots, located in Renens (VD), I claim our local patois which gives my beers their appellations.  



Food and beer lover, I like to test and design beer recipes as I do for cooking. My goal is to create non-standardized beers that are out of the ordinary. Each cuvée has its own characteristics according to my inspirations of the moment, the season and the origin of my ingredients.  My inspirations are gourmet, sometimes Asian, and always totally epicurean. So that the beer tasting makes you travel every time without moving from your chair, I offer you a range of authentically original flavors.  



I started in 2017 to brew my first beer with a kit received as a gift at Christmas. One thing led to another, I went from making malt extract to all grains on a 25l plant to finish on a 100l pico-brewery.

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