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La Bionde / Tonneau Joyeux
The Landeron  / Neuchâtel




Light and thirst-quenching, but its assertive cereal scent will not leave you thirsty.

The name we have chosen for it is not trivial, all of its ingredients have been selected from among the most respectful of the environment.

Type of beer: Blond

Color: Blonde


Alc: 7 % Vol


October 2018 - Creation

  • The Tonneau Joyeux brewery was born in October 2018 when two friends decided to make beer together. They are then very quickly joined by a third “moss-as-earth”.

January 2019 - Relocation

  • The “mousse-que-terre” team tries to brew regularly, they decide to move into a more suitable room.  

January 2020 - New "moss-as-earth"

  • A fourth "moss-as-earth" joined the gang.  

June 2020 - The brewery invests

  • The brewery is investing in new production and temperature-controlled fermentation vats to increase the quantity and above all the quality of the products.

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