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Amber / Freiburger- Biermanufaktur
Fribourg / Fribourg




Bière de la St. Nicolas - Amber beer / Limited edition  

St. Nicholas  contains water, barley malt, hops and yeast.

Hops: Mittelfrüh, Mosaic, Mandarina Bavaria


Alc: 5 % Vo l



Beer has a history stretching back over 6000 years. To a certain extent, it tells us part of our history. Therefore, it cannot be considered as a single-purpose object.

They say beer has a soul. 

Here in Friborg, we live and brew with the desire to produce the best Malted Friborg drink, this for the city of Friborg, its canton and French-speaking Switzerland. For the Friborg brewing culture!

Sustainable development is not a detail or a fad for us. We attach great importance to it every day. So we get our supplies as often as possible from neighboring producers, or at least from Switzerland, even when this implies an additional cost! We believe in thoughtful spending and we value the relationship with our partners. 

We aspire to create an urban brewery employing more than 30 people. We attach great importance to individuals, whether they are employees, customers or suppliers, and we invest in their future.


The Freiburger Biermanufaktur was created in 2009 by Dr Jens Thomas Anfindsen in the Couvent des Cordeliers. Soon this popular hobby turned into a full-time job.

From the start, values such as God, responsibility towards employees and the environment, as well as the importance given to quality were the pillars of the brewery.

In 2012, the brewery moved to the slaughterhouses of St-Leonard. In the same year, we installed a complete brewing infrastructure, consisting of tanks and a professional malt crusher. In the same year, “La Patriote” was launched, a mellow blond beer which was a great success from the outset.

In 2013, the brewery grew by more than 150%.

In 2014, our brewery already had 5 employees, some of whom were part-time.

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