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Black Pearl Limited edition / GibbonBräu

Tecknau / Basel-Country


This is the last time and for the latter we have tried to spoil you with a special hand-numbered edition. For those who know us, the Porter / Stout are not our favorite beers but when we tasted this one, we fell in love with it and decided to offer it to you for the 24th. Because yes, it's a Porter with its color, these aromas of chocolate, coffee, vanilla, rum, and for a few minutes we thought we were Jack Sparrow sailing the Black Pearl on the Caribbean Sea. Good tasting and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

"If you drink a Black Peal in the morning, you're not an alcoholic!"

"You are a PIRATE"

Hoppy Sparrow



A porter aged for several months in barrels of Jamaican rum of 40 years.

This is a limited edition, indeed there are only 280 bottles per lot and each bottle is numbered by hand!


This award-winning beer (1st place in the 2019 B&R beer competition) has flavors of rum, wood, coffee and chocolate. It's not something you can drink with a spoon. A connoisseur's beer for privileged moments so for us the perfect beer for you to discover for the 24th.


Alc: 5.4 % Vol


In 2015 Yvonne put in Raphael's head the idea of ​​brewing their own beer. As an avid beer enthusiast, MacGyver is seasoned and enthusiastic, Raphael loves the idea. They therefore begin to brew and are quickly joined by Michael and Adrian. In 2017, the brewery moved to Tecknau and expanded.

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