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So here we go for 24 days of discovery, we hope. In any case, we had a lot of fun tasting a number of beers and selecting 24 that marked us either by the history / philosophy of the brewery, or by the people who work there and especially for the taste of their beers.

For this first day we also wanted to try something new. A glass, which is apparently more and more in fashion, a drinking Jar.

Yes it's true it looks like a jar of jam but drinking a beer in this type of glass is indeed quite interesting. We in any case when we drank our first Swiss craft beer in this type of glass during a walk this fall towards the Oeschinensee, well we found it interesting so we said to ourselves why not give it a try to our Hoppies, so here you with our own Hoppy Jar!

And to open a bottle, you need a bottle opener so here's a simple and basic one that you could take with you everywhere.

PS: if you are not a fan of the Hoppy Jar, do not hesitate to use it to put homemade jam or even food in bulk but above all do not throw it away!

So to come back to our sheep, finally here it's more a gorilla, a bear and a meerkat or a marmot, here is the first beer!


La Gypaète / Brasserie la Meute

La Chaux-de-fond / Neuchâtel

La Gypaete.jpeg
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Blond ale with 100% Swiss ingredients and mainly from organic farming.


This beer stands out thanks to its Vaudois malt with herbaceous roundness and its Vaudois hops, which also slightly enhances the sweet nectar with its bitterness and fruity taste. In autumn, the vintages are brewed with the hops that grew in La Chaux-de-Fonds in our participatory hops farm.

Alc: 4.5% Vol


In June 2016, the three friends of the Brasserie de la Meute unearthed second-hand equipment as well as beautiful but dilapidated local in La Tchaux and embarked on a somewhat crazy project. For almost a year, they devoted all their free time to the metamorphosis of this former tinsmith workshop, into a beautiful microbrewery, meeting hygiene standards and urban planning constraints. A gigantic job, made possible thanks to the help received by the ten people who took turns at their side.


February 2017, The three friends have now started brewing with their new installation. A flow that now allows them to sell their beers in various bars, shops and events in the region.

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