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Innah / Officine della Birra

Bioggio / Ticino

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Innah IPA by Officina della Birra pays homage to Demeter's daughter, goddess of agriculture. It is light, slightly cloudy and with a creamy head. Citric notes dominate the nose, in particular tangerine with floral notes. On the palate, it presents itself powerfully with a pleasantly long and very bitter finish.

Alc: 6 % Vol


Officina della Birra opened in 1999 as a restaurant with an adjoining brewery, highlighting the world of craft beer in Ticino.

In 2006, they sold the catering business, creating a collaboration with the current restaurant "Il Birrificio" which is the basis of their growth as a regional micro-brewery.

  Demand in Ticino but also outside it convinces them to invest regularly with the aim of establishing themselves first in the territory and then eventually leaving the Ticino and Swiss borders.

Their working method is based on extreme cleanliness and precision in the production of the product, in fact, besides being scrupulously clean, they care a lot about the stability of Their products. In order to make it as stable as possible, they complete the fermentation and the

aging in bottle, a technique mainly used in Great Britain and Belgium.

Their products do not require pasteurization but guarantee stability and a good shelf life (they recommend preferably within two years).

They also make room for products made in Ticino such as chestnut honey, Bona flour from Val Onsernone, elderberry and American grape must.  

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